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NYC Fire Safety Director Course Information and Education

(Note: these Fire Safety Director pages are specific to New York City. Other jurisdictions have different rules.)

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New York City Fire Safety Director s are building employees (certified by the FDNY) that are required in most hotels and office buildings.  These pages are designed to help individuals become fire safety directors by listing requirements and course schools, providing a practice exam, and showing fire safety equipment in actual installations.

Note: many of the FDNY documents are in Adobe portable document format (PDF) files.  If you don't have the free reader now, please get it before continuing.

bullet What is a Fire Safety Director?  How can I become one?
bullet The FDNY test procedure
bullet Study Guide, including study materials at the FDNY
bullet My FSD Practice Exam
bullet All 100 questions for printing (no answers; 23 printed pages on my system; yours may be different)
bulletThe same questions with pull-down answer boxes if you want to see the answers immediately
bullet Questions 1-25
bullet Questions 26-50
bullet Questions 51-75
bullet Questions 76-100, and link to the answer page
bullet Additional Questions (not ready for prime time)
bullet Frequently Asked Questions about these FSD pages.
bullet The FDNY On-site Test
bullet Photos of Fire Safety Equipment in Service
bullet Thoughts on the World Trade Center Tragedy
bullet Why these Fire Safety Director pages were created
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 Other sites pertaining to this field

bullet FDNY Certificate of Fitness page, with descriptions of the exam, qualifications
bullet FDNY Certified Schools for Fire Safety Director
bullet Fire Safety Directors Students' Page (site includes general study, extinguisher, and fire command post questions)
bullet Fire Safety Director Emergency Action Plan Director seems to duplicate the above link
bullet FSD Glossary Flashcards
bullet The New York Fire Safety Directors' Association
bullet Manuals (by Fire-Lite Alarms, a manufacturer) for fire control panels, etc., which may give you additional information on operations, installations, etc.
bullet Fire Safety Recalls by the Consumer Products Safety Commission
bullet Globe Fire Sprinkler Corp. Recalls Dry Sprinklers Model J (June 12, 2007)
bullet Fire Extinguishers Recalled by BRK (September 27, 2000)
bullet Fire Extinguishers Recalled by 99 Cents Only (May 18, 2000)
bullet Fire Extinguishers Recalled by American LaFrance And BECO (May 30, 1991)
bullet Fire Extinguishers Recalled by Bernzomatic (January 3, 1977)
bullet "FIRE CAP" Fire and Smoke Suppressants (February 8, 2000)
bullet Star ME-1 Dry Fire Sprinklers Made by Sprinkler Corporation of Milwaukee (April 25, 2003)
bullet Star ME-1 Dry Fire Sprinklers Recall by American Household Inc., (Formerly Sunbeam Corp.) (April 25, 2003)
bullet Central Sprinkler Company Recalls O-Ring Fire Sprinklers (July 19, 2001)
bullet Star Fire Sprinklers Recalled by Mealane (August 4, 1999)
bullet Omega Fire Sprinklers Recalled by Central Sprinkler (October 14, 1998)
bullet Notifier Recall for Fire Alarm Panels (October 30, 2003 )
bullet Fire Control Instruments Recall for Audio Evacuation Units (October 30, 2003 )
bullet Search for Equipment Recalls at the CPSC


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